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About Tiber Tutor

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Our Team

We are a collection of select tutors with immense experience exclusively teaching IB science.
Based around the world, our team has over a decade of specialisation within the IB, working thousands of hours as internationally renowned tutors!

London, UK Zurich, CH
Our Track Record

Our resources have helped numerous students across the globe achieve 6’s and 7’s in their IB Biology, IB Physics and IB Chemistry exams.
We have consistently received positive feedback on the support our resources provide to our students.

Our Mission

We hate the outdated and inefficient resources available for IB science revision.
Our team has spent over a decade building superb resources, whilst providing elite IB tuition across the globe.
Now, we have decided to combine the invaluable experience and knowledge gained and share it with the world!

Our Value

Our tutors are experts in their field, charging over $240 per hour to pass on their knowledge and expertise.
Tiber Tutor resources contain all of their combined wisdom for a fraction of the cost.
What’s more, you can get access to our first two topics in each subject completely free!

Our Future

We are constantly adding new resources for IB Biology, IB Chemistry and IB Physics.
Our team is forward-thinking, and we are dedicated to being the best IB science website there is!
We believe those who support us deserve to be rewarded, so all future resources are included in your access.

Why Us

We are the only site offering comprehensive, quality, IB focused science resources.
Understand the principles with our animated videos, learn with our notes and reinforce with our flashcards. Our exam-tailored questions, with their detailed mark schemes, then serve to develop your skills.
Consistency of quality revision is key to success in the IB, and our resources provide exactly that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tiber TutorWhat is Tiber Tutor?

Tiber Tutor is the only IB dedicated educational platform to include notes, flashcards and questions for the IB Biology, IB Physics and IB Chemistry courses.

No other online IB science resource comes close to us in quality, quantity, breadth or depth of resources

Tiber TutorWhat resources does Tiber Tutor have?

We have concise, organised revision notes with clear diagrams. These accompany our extensive library of matching flashcards and exam-tailored questions.

With over 2500 questions at your disposal, our detailed mark schemes build your understanding rather than just giving a grade.

All our resources are created by our expert team purely dedicated to IB science, who are constantly working to develop new content just for you!

Tiber TutorHow much does access cost?

You can get access to all of our topic one content for each subject completely free!

If you like what you see (obviously!), you can create a free account to unlock access to all of our topic two content, you guessed it, completely free!

For the remaining topics, our pricing depends on the number of subjects you require access to. This is found at the bottom of our homepage.

You also can upgrade to dual or triple subject access and only pay the difference!

Tiber TutorIs Tiber Tutor a monthly subscription?

Monthly subscriptions can be hard to handle, so we bill annually. You can sign up for additional years within your account, or set it to automatically renew your membership each year (perfect for teachers!).

Tiber TutorWhat If I change my mind after a purchase?

We give free access to all of our topic one and topic two content to everyone – yes, completely free! However, we know that sometimes that is not enough. We are happy to provide a 7-day, no questions asked refund (excluding the month before the IB exams).

Tiber TutorAre Tiber Tutor resources up-to-date?

Yes! We work tirelessly to ensure all our resources are in line with the latest changes to the IB curriculum.

We understand that revising from out of date sources can be frustrating and negatively impact your performance, and why would we want that!?

Tiber TutorWhy Tiber Tutor over free services like Youtube?

Tiber Tutor is a fully focused IB science educational platform. It is the only online resource with specifically tailored notes, flashcards and questions for the IB Biology, IB Physics and IB Chemistry curriculum.

Watching videos are fantastic to learn new concepts (we are working hard to create these too!). However, more active revision using flashcards and questions massively boosts performance.

Tiber TutorCan I login on multiple devices?

To help maintain all our users security, only one device can be logged into Tiber Tutor at any time. If you are forcibly logged off, check all your devices to see if you are logged in on any of them.

Tiber TutorWhat currencies does Tiber Tutor accept?

All our payments are in US dollars (USD). To ensure everyone can join, we accept many different payment card providers through Stripe, as well as accepting Paypal.

Tiber TutorWhat devices work with Tiber Tutor?

We have worked hard to ensure every device is compatible with Tiber Tutor. If you find any issues, let us know using our feedback form at the bottom of our site. That way we can fix it ASAP!

Tiber TutorHow do I verify my Email?

If you did not click the email verification link immediately you will need to request a new verification email using the link at the top of your profile page.

If you are still having issues, contact us using the form at the bottom of our site.