IB Biology Topic 1 Videos (SL & HL)

Topic 1: Cells Cell Biology

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All of the IB Biology topic 1 videos are found in the playlist below. Select the video you wish to watch and get cracking!

IB Biology Topic 1 Videos

Video 1

Cell Theory, Stem Cells, Functions Of Life & The Microscope

This video looks at the origin of cells and the characteristics of stem cells. It goes on to explore cellular functions, exploring the 7 life processes through examples, and finally the microscope.

Video 2

Classification Of Cells: Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes, Including Animals And Plants

This video looks at the largest groups of cells, known as Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes, and their differences. Finally, it explores two different sub-classes of Eukaryotes: animals and plants, and their differences.

Video 3

Membrane Structure, Particle Movement & Vesicle Transportation

This video looks at the structure of the plasma membrane. It goes on to explore particle movement across the membrane via: Diffusion, Osmosis and Active transport. Finally, it covers vesicles and their role in the exchange of substances.

Video 4

The Origin Of Cells: Spontaneous Generation & Endosymbiosis

This video looks at the historical theory of cellular origin, spontaneous generation, including supporting experiments by: Miller & Urey, Redi, Needham and Pasteur. Finally, it covers the modern theory of endosymbiosis.

Video 5

The Cell Cycle: Mitosis, Cytokinesis and Interphase & Cyclins In Regulating Division

This video looks at the series of events involved in cellular division including: Mitosis, Cytokinesis and Interphase. It then explores the regulation of this division by the proteins called Cyclins. Finally, it discusses tumours, cancer and dysregulation of the cell cycle.

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