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Our resources support 5,000 students every month. Based around the world, our content is curated by a world-class collection of teachers, each with immense experience. The team has spent thousands of hours specialising within the IB, collectively working for decades.
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Dr Oliver Kidd
Oliver holds both a scholarship in Medicine (MBBS) and a 1st class degree in Gastroenterology and Hepatology from Imperial College London. He has taught IB science for 7 years, across 4 countries, totalling over 3100 hours. He has lovingly built the Tiber Tutor website, and is currently employed as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He has competed internationally in sailing and loves photography.
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Nicolas Benoit
Nicolas holds a 1st class degree in Biomedical Engineering and is currently undertaking a PhD in Biomedical Engineering whilst completing his final years of Medical college (MBBS), all at Imperial College London. He has taught IB science for 7 years, across 5 countries, totalling over 3000 hours. He oversees content at Tiber Tutor. Outside this, he is an avid footballer and often goes hiking in Switzerland.
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Dr Hans Zimmermann
Hans has been an IBO examiner and IA marker for 15 years. He holds a Masters in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University, and a PhD in Physics. He has 30 years of experience, teaching 400 students around the world, and fighting legal cases against the IBO for mis-representation of grades. Previously, he was the CEO of Herlitz, and he loves to swim and travel the world.
Kate Bellia-Simpson display picture
Kate Bellia-Simpson
Kate is a qualified teacher with a background in Biomedical Science and Graduate Medicine, undertaken at St Georges University. She has taught IB science internationally for over 20 years and lectures in applied Human Biology at London colleges. At present, she is studying for a Masters in Law. She loves to spend time with her family, travel and pursue the international jazz circuit.
James Clarke display picture
James Clarke
James graduated from Oxford University with a Masters in Physics. Since then, he has taught IB Physics at several leading UK schools over 7 years, including Wellington College. He is currently teaching IB Physics at St Catherine's School. Before his transition to academia, he worked in asset management for a number of years. In his free time, he is a keen cricketer, golfer, and skiier.
Manuela Dicu display picture
Manuela Dicu
Biology & Chemistry
Manuela attained an IB diploma with honors, and holds a certificate in Functional Neuroanatomy from Cambridge University. She has particular interest in nervous system regulation and stress management in students. She is currently completing her Medical degree at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Outside work, she works as a social media manager for organisations and enjoys reading.
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Natalia Nash
Biology & Chemistry
Natalia is a former IB student, currently completing her Medical degree (MBBS) at University College London (UCL). She has particular interest in surgery, where she actively conducts research, and organises national conferences for students around the UK interested in the surgical field. Outside her academia, she loves dancing ballet and travelling with her family.
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Leo Lai
Leo is a former IB student, currently completing a Bachelors of Science in Endocrinology, alongside finishing his Medical degree (MBBS) at Imperial College London. He is in his 5th consecutive year of teaching IB STEM subjects to students around the world. At Tiber Tutor, he contributes towards several areas, primarily questions. When relaxing, he loves to read his favourite book - Wuthering Heights.
Louise Steenbergen display picture
Louise Steenbergen
Louise undertook the IB and is completing a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science at Queen Mary University. She also holds particular interest in Mathematics and its applied use to evaluate financial risk. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family & friends and watching new movies.
Md. Sayem Hussaim display picture
Md. Sayem Hussaim
AV Editor
Sayem has worked with many individuals worldwide, across a wide breadth of audio-visual editing platforms. His team give the Tiber Tutor videos their characteristic shine! He previously worked as a data-entry analyst and loves to spend time with his family.

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