IB Chemistry Topic 1 Videos (SL & HL)

Topic 1: Stoichiometric Relationships

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  • Higher Level Syllabus Progress 6.38% 6.38%

All of the IB Chemistry topic 1 videos are found in the playlist below. Select the video you wish to watch and get cracking!

IB Chemistry Topic 1 Videos

Video 1

Key Definitions, States Of Matter & Ideal Gasses

This video looks at the key definitions of elements, compounds and mixtures. It goes on to explore the three states of matter and concept of ideal gasses. Finally, several key equations relating to these principles are explored.

Video 2

Introduction To Moles, Isotopes & Empirical Formula

This video looks at the concept of moles and Avagadro's number in relation to atoms and molecules. It goes on to explore the concept of isotopes and calculations invovling these species. Finally, both empirical and molecular formulae are explored, with accompanying calculations.

Video 3

Calculations Involving: Mass, Volume, Concentration, Limiting Reagents & Percentage Yield

This video looks at experimental calculations involving mass, volume and concentration. It goes on to explore the concept of limiting reagents as well as how to calculate percentage yield.

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