IB Physics Topic 1 Videos (SL & HL)

Topic 1: Measurements & Data

IB Physics Topic 1 Videos

Video 1

Units, Significant Figures & Scientific Notation
Units & Notation

This video begins by exploring fundamental and derived units, including examples. It then proceeds to distinguish scalar units and vector units. Then, the rules of significant figures are discussed with examples. The video then introduces scientific notation and how to apply significant figures to these, before ending on the appropriate prefixes for units based on the scientific notation.

This video looks at the basic properties of measurements. To finish, it explores using scientific notation to express numbers.

Video 2

Accuracy & Precision, Uncertainty, Errors, & Graphing
Accuracy, Precision & Graphing

This video introduces the concepts of accuracy and precision when measuring data. This is followed by discussing absolute and percentage uncertainty. Next, the two types of errors: systematic and random, are defined and distinguished. Lastly, the video covers graphs and how to determine the slope, x-intercept, y-intercept, and their uncertainties.

This video looks at the essential properties of data. Then, it covers how to sketch, draw, and analyse graphs.

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